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The heart of our martial arts school lies a mission which is important and crucial: empowering kids to become the leaders of their lives.

Understanding that leadership begins from within

Every class we make it a point to say yes I can at least 10 times.

I used to think martial arts was only to fight bad guys

The real enemy is actually with in our own minds

Negative self talk is more dangerous that anything else.

The first step to become a leader is having strength both in the body and the mind.

All of the Blackbelt candidates have been training for over 5yrs!

Dev Shah 


Khloe Flarakos


Caroline Flarakos


Ryan Richards


Jay Goyal


Judah Richter


Mario DiMaio


Frank Tscherne


Joshua Fralick


Addy Umair

                Program for May 11th


1. Intro -attack of the ninjas
2. little dragons-Basic levels
3. Blackbelt candidates
4. Intermediate level
Boot to the head

6. brazilian jiu-jitsu
7. advanced
8. Jr. Blackbelts & Blackbelts

9. Blackbelt Candidates Board breaking
10. graduation



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